4 okt. 2010

From the phone

Now I wanna try these features but I have nothing really important to blog about. Suck... Hm...

I could tell you that mom is here to visit and I've had a lot more visitors here for a few days.

The thing is that mom will live over at Sara old apartment for a few weeks. That's nice. I don't see her very often. Since she and dad live about 300 km off. But now she'll stay here for a while. As a sort of vacation.

Dad tagedalong to give her a ride down and visit for a few days. And the same weekend my sister and her fiance decided to buy a car not too far from here. So they stopped by on the way home.

My entire apartment was full of family all of a sudden! I don't think I've had them all here since long before I moved. Twas a blast to see them all again.

And my sisters belly had started to grow. She looked great ^^ with "LillaLo" inside of her. She is planned around 21th February I think. Will be some much fun to be an aunt. Since it's my first nephew/niece. They haven't looked what gender it is yet. Nor given him/her a name. I grew tired of calling it "the baby" all the time so I gave it a preliminary nickname, LillaLo.

I'm so curious of what it will be, girl or boy. Not that it matter, but still... I want to know XD.

Me and mom have started to knit a blanket for it. And about that, I should probably do some knitting now. And dinner. Hungry.

See Ye later!