14 okt. 2010

Work and Portfolio

Hm... yeah, I realized today I haven't upgraded my portfolio/gallery since I quit school. That it ages ago, counting how much I've progressed in my skill since. I really should post a few new paintings and remove a few old ones. But... The problem here is that most things I've done recently are work related, such things that ain't really my pictures, though I've created them. They're sold and thus belong to someone else. Perhaps I should ask the owners if I could use them in my portfolio anyway. I'm not entirely sure what the protocol is on such matters... Have to ask around I think.

So yeah! I've actually got my first real (paying) Digital Artist job. And I'm almost ashamed to say how beside myself with joy I am. I never ever thought that I would be so good at this that anyone would want to buy my pictures. It's a very surreal dream right now... Not that I'm in any way close to actually living off my art, faaaaar from it. But still...

Sure, people tell me I'm good. But those are family and friends. I know I'm not terrible. But I compare myself with people like Furiae and Loish. Two artist that I can truly say are my favorites. And compared to them.. well.. yeah, I'm a nobody.

Over at DeviantArt and Grafiskt Forum no one really comment my art that I post. That's the world of artists I guess. If you aren't the best or even close in the forum you hang in you hardly ever get any response. Unless it's from people that are less skilled than you. In my case that means total noobs XD

I can't say I'm terribly good at this whole commenting either. Mostly because I never know what to say... And now I poke everyone in the same direction. Of course there is exceptions. There always are.

But to get my skill confirmed like this. He choose me to draw for him. I think it was a pick-me-up I needed right now. My confidence in my art was very low before he requested the pictures. And now... well... I'm not swelling with ego, but at least I...

Well... you get it. I never expect to be able to survive on the income my art brings, I'm no fool. I know the competition out there. But... Yeah... As I said, a very surreal dream. I'm actually good enough for someone to want to pay me to draw! Something I love to do and just think... Getting payed to do something you love? Who wouldn't want to work like that ^^