4 okt. 2010

New blog

So I grew tired of not being able to update my blog easily. It always meant to hack some more code... that takes time and I couldn't do it through my mobile (I love Android) which was a minus. But now I've, as you can see. Started a blog over at blogger.com. Since I anyway had to start an account on google to get android to work it seemed fitting to use that blog feature.

So now I hope to be able to upload more often. At least more than once a month! Haha! We'll see what do to about the sketchblog. I have to read up some on how it works with uploading images through blogger first. But at least I got this blog to work through the homepage. Which i geat! No need for any other page.. so to speak ^^

I'm unsure whether to upload my old entires, not that it was very important or anything. But perhaps... if I could assign them to the right date an such I might. We'll see.
I hope to be able to change the menu as well. Back to my pictures, but right now I have fought with this blog motor enough for one day XD. I hate div >.< As well as making a new header... That one I have now is just temporary.

Hope to update soon! See ye!